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Factors To Consider When Calculating Square Footage In Washington, DC

Questions are always raised as to whether there exists a standard formula when it comes to calculating homes square footage. Taking a look at different available publications, one quickly realizes that they have different square footage for the same home; something that is a bit confusing to many people with the intention to either sell or buy a home.


For example, you might find the square feet of a house appearing on the county land records as 2,500 square feet while a sales brochure will put the same house at 3,000 square feet. This leaves a number of people puzzled and uncertain of which information or who to believe. Well, it is safe to say that there is no deliberate attempt to mislead the public, only that different people in the real estate industry calculate square footage differently. The disparity is even larger between different geographical areas; city or states.


It is good to note that when calculating square footage of a house, different appraisers rely on different definitions to arrive at their final calculations. The most common definition of area living is that; it is the size of the home in square feet based upon the exterior dimensions and should therefore include the square footage of the main Arlington Virginia homes together with the square footage of the wing if it has been specified. Area living has also been defined by other people as the living space above the ground.


Therefore, if looking at a split level home for example, you will realize that the top floor will be listed while the bottom floor will not be listed. Since calculating home area living is different in different geographical areas as we mentioned earlier, we will take a look at how it happens in Washington Dc.


The Square footage that is listed in both the city and county records for a condominium unit will tend to be accurate because these numbers are worked out from the original condominium documents. Therefore, as opposed to detached homes, square footage for condominiums is less likely to change as a result to additions or improvements offered by the best Arlington VA real estate agent.


When it comes to attached and detached single family homes, there happens to be several ways of calculating their square footage. An appraiser can choose to measure the exterior of the home to calculate its gross living area. For instance if the home is two storied with 15 feet by 15 feet measurements, the home would have 225 square feet per floor thus the appraiser would say that the home contains 450 square feet. This measurement would of course include the measurements of the closets, hallways and wall space because the measurement will have been done from the exterior. Check out http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/real-estate/ for news concerning real estate.


There is another instance where the appraiser can put in consideration the size of the basement and what has been finished as the living area, then make value adjustments based on other comparable homes rather than totaling the square footage of the basement's living area.


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